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Return to Bikram Yoga

Six months after stopping Bikram cold turkey, I return to the Friday 6:00 am class on a cold, clear March morning. For months the idea formed an anxious knot in my brain; the longer I stayed away the more convinced … Continue reading

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Yin Meditation

My daughter and I spent a week at the Hariharalaya Retreat Center in Bakong, Cambodia. Everyone staying there hailed from North America, Europe or Australia; most on extended sojourns to a patch of the world where a sabbatical year is … Continue reading

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Yoga Cross-training

I attended twelve yoga classes last week. Excessive? You bet. But I found benefit in every one. Since I stopped doing Bikram last September I’ve expanded into doing a variety of yoga styles.  My home base these days is CorePower … Continue reading

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After practicing Bikram yoga for four years, I’ve had the new age aspects of yoga pretty much drummed out of me.  Bikram strives to be scientific rather than mystical.  During the non-stop ninety-minute dialogue, one word never uttered is Namaste. … Continue reading

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CorePower Yoga

It turns out my addiction to yoga is fickle.  My annual membership to Bikram came to a close in early September.  After 1,046 classes I’d been feeling diminishing returns.  Some days the heat seemed as formidable a foe as on … Continue reading

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1000 Bikram Yoga Classes

Today I hit a milestone – 1000 Bikram yoga classes.  The date corresponded with completing exactly four years of practice, an average of 250 classes per year. I wasn’t counting until one day the owner Jill told me I was … Continue reading

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Tough Yoga

The line between success and failure can be fine, but once we trip over it, we cannot always raise ourselves to the other side.  I knew an evening class would be grueling, but I thought it doable.  I had been … Continue reading

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