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Different Flow for Different Ages

I love disco. 125 beats per minute, seamlessly melding from one song to the next. The DJ stirring the crowd into a frenzy, soothing us down to take a break and sip our 7&7, then whipping us right back up … Continue reading

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CorePower Conundrum

Conscious breathing is rampant in my corner of Cambridge. There are more than a dozen yoga studios, within two miles of my house. Ashtanga, Baptiste, Bikram, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin: take your choice. Almost as many gyms advertise yoga. Given the … Continue reading

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Spring Forward Yoga

We set our clocks ahead for spring on Sunday. But with the ground covered with several feet of snow, the roads covered with black ice and temperatures below twenty degrees, I couldn’t bike to yoga. So I walked. A single … Continue reading

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Yoga: Practice and Teach

  I have two regular teaching yoga gigs!     Every Tuesday night at the Cambridge YMCA I teach 75 minutes of Form and Flow. The class is free to YMCA members, but my guests can come for $10, and … Continue reading

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Yoga for Parkinson’s Disease

“Inhale. Raise your arms out wide and overhead.” Charles’ right arm lifted 45 degrees off his hips. His left arm lagged, though it pivoted a few inches higher. His left hand bent at an odd angle. “Can you straighten your … Continue reading

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Second Sleep

My sleep habits have evolved to match the pre-electricity patterns of first and second sleep. I go to bed about ten p.m., read for a few minutes, turn off the light, take a few regular breaths, and drop into four … Continue reading

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300 Breaths

Hot Power Fusion (HPF) is the CorePower Yoga version of the Bikram series. The class contains the same 26 postures, though holds most only once whereas Bikram repeats. Instead, HPF adds a few sun salutations, flows, a balance inversion, and … Continue reading

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Which Would You Prefer – Sit Still or Experience a Shock?

This is a reposted blog essay from on of my favorite bloggers: yogibattle. Here is some disturbing news from the Western front: many people can barely tolerate to be alone with themselves. At least those were the findings in a … Continue reading

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One Breath to One Movement

Sequencing is the term we use for the series of yoga poses that we put together to create a coherent class. Like most things in this world, sequencing is something I never thought about until I had to do it, … Continue reading

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My Chakras / My Asanas

Specific yoga poses draw from, and contribute to, how the seven chakras exist within each of us. In theory, chakras strength and asana strength correlate.  I decided to investigate that in terms of my own practice. Consider the seven Chakras … Continue reading

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