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CorePower Conundrum

Conscious breathing is rampant in my corner of Cambridge. There are more than a dozen yoga studios, within two miles of my house. Ashtanga, Baptiste, Bikram, Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin: take your choice. Almost as many gyms advertise yoga. Given the … Continue reading

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10 Gay Sensibilities on Parade Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Over the four day Thanksgiving weekend I recognized gay sensibilities integrated into every aspect of our culture. After six decades on this planet, I’m thankful that, for many of us, being gay in America allows our fullest expression. My dream … Continue reading

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Frivolous Intentions

I’ve been practicing CorePower Yoga for a year now, which means a year’s worth of Intention. Making an Intention in yoga class was new to me. At first it felt forced. Then I got into the spirit of Intention and … Continue reading

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Shoulders and Plow

I am obedient by nature. I follow the yoga teacher’s instructions and execute every pose.  Sometimes I lag, since I flow slower than many, but I sequence through and catch up in downward dog. Teacher’s give permission for variation when … Continue reading

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Giddy Yoga

I completed my RYT200 yoga Teacher Training yesterday. I’m a yoga teacher.  The class is organized as 200 hours of work over eight weeks but I channeled my inner geek and logged a lot more than that.  In addition to … Continue reading

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Return to Bikram Yoga

Six months after stopping Bikram cold turkey, I return to the Friday 6:00 am class on a cold, clear March morning. For months the idea formed an anxious knot in my brain; the longer I stayed away the more convinced … Continue reading

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Grand Slam Yoga

The problem with an addiction, as any smoker, alcoholic, or licorice lover can attest; is that you need more of what you crave just to maintain.  If you want to bump up your high, you’ve got to increase the dose. … Continue reading

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