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Confessions of an Educational Counselor

An interesting virtual volunteer opportunity presented itself last fall. MIT was looking for alums to interview a pandemic-induced bumper crop of undergraduate applicants. Spending thirty minutes or so with an engaged high school senior with geeky leanings is a piece’o’cake … Continue reading

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Affirmative Action Admissions

If you’re interested in what’s happening at Harvard these days (as everyone in Cambridge is) I suggest you read Hua Hsu’s recent article, ‘School Colors: The Fight About Who Gets into the Ivy League,’ in The New Yorker, October 15, … Continue reading

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MIT Takes a Slice of my Life

The MIT Alumni Association publishes a Slice of Life every day. Back in October they made a podcast about my work in Haiti, (MIT Alumni Interview) which proved so successful they followed up with a short video, available on You … Continue reading

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Interview – Architecture by Moonlight

The MIT Alumni Association produces a podcast each month that highlights an alumni’s book. This month features Architecture by Moonlight. Thanks for Joe McGonegal and Brielle Domings for drawing insights between my MIT experiences of forty years ago with my … Continue reading

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Our Shrinking Engineering Legacy

This essay was published in WBUR Cognoscenti on July 2, 2014. I took a walk with a friend through Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Mass., last weekend to enjoy summer’s long days and pleasant weather. Some of the cemetery’s most … Continue reading

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Rumblings of Revolution

In 1977 I spent beautiful spring afternoons in an overheated classroom with a view of a trash compactor in MIT’s nondescript Building 12 snoozing through Urban Sociology, the last of my Humanities requirements and perhaps the most boring course ever … Continue reading

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A Babe with a Brain

I was riding along the Charles in the early evening when my phone buzzed.  I saddled off my bike.  Brett’s voice, subdued and halting, conveyed the timbre of tragedy in his hollow hello.  Despite all the proliferating forms of communication, … Continue reading

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Where are the Thin Mints?

Thanksgiving was practically perfect. A long candle lit table of family and friends, a golden brown turkey, traditional oyster stuffing and wiggly cranberry sauce, a bevy of delicious side dishes.  After we finished the main course and took a break … Continue reading

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