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What’s Going on in Haiti?

Ten years ago this month I completed the first great adventure of my life: designing and supervising the construction of two buildings in Grand Goave, Haiti following the 2010 earthquake that devastated that country. My work on the Mission of … Continue reading

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A New Narrative

We are stuck. On one hand liberals, or progressives, or left-wing, or Democrats, or whatever you want to call them; are hell-bent on subdividing our nation into ever tightly defined ‘identities.’ According to them, I am a cis-gender gay white … Continue reading

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Hope is a Discipline

“Hope is not an emotion…hope is not optimism.”   – Mariame Kaba, We Do This ‘Til We Free Us “Optimism is a state of mind in which you are hopeful that things will turn out well.” – William J. Knaus, … Continue reading

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Two Thumps Up: Rich Philanthropist

A Google Search for MacKenzie Scott yields the following headline: MacKenzie Scott, Philanthropist and ex-wife of Jeff Bezos… Two years ago, those among the general public who knew MacKenzie Scott (I did not) described her as Jeff Bezos’ wife. Then, … Continue reading

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MIT Takes a Slice of my Life

The MIT Alumni Association publishes a Slice of Life every day. Back in October they made a podcast about my work in Haiti, (MIT Alumni Interview) which proved so successful they followed up with a short video, available on You … Continue reading

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Another Check off the Bucket List

I’m no fan of the term ‘bucket list’. It elevates the idea of peak experience, and thus diminishes the reality of life in the moment. Still, among guys my age (emphasis on GUYS) it’s a topic that comes up time … Continue reading

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After the Earthquake’s Anniversary

It is incongruous that the fifth anniversary of the 2010 Haiti earthquake, on Monday January 12, provided such a flurry of excitement and activity for me. I am just coming off the media blur. However, I was happy to participate … Continue reading

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5 Years after the Haiti Earthquake: 20 Visits & 10 Gifts Received

Five years ago, an earthquake devastated Haiti. Hundreds of thousands of people died, though exact numbers are elusive in that imprecise country. International aid poured in. Some helped, much didn’t, despite First World hubris that we would ‘build back better’. … Continue reading

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Return to Haiti: Saint Boniface Hospital Infectious Disease Pavilion

I am off to Haiti early Monday morning, taking a familiar trip that I haven’t made in over a year. I’ll be traveling with Conor Shapiro, Executive Director of Saint Boniface Hospital in Fond des Blancs, the largest hospital in … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks for the Unexpected

Of the many, many things I have to be thankful for today, Dieunison stands out as the most unexpected blessing in my life. When he adopted me in 2010 I could not have realized how much he would personify everything … Continue reading

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