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Architecture by Moonlight

Architecture by Moonlight: Rebuilding Haiti, Redrafting a Life, is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and University of Missouri Press. Please join me at an author event around Boston, and attend a remembrance at the Cambridge Public Library on January … Continue reading

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Haiti Update

Many readers of The Awkward Pose became followers during my period of working in Haiti.  It has been months since I wrote about Haiti, so here is some news:     1. Mission of Hope school is up and running. … Continue reading

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Remember Haiti

Today is the fourth anniversary of the Haiti earthquake. 250,000 people died.  Aid flooded in, some seeped out. The disaster has been eclipsed by Oklahoma tornadoes and Philippine typhoons and New York City hurricanes. Most Haitians have reestablished a daily … Continue reading

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A Final Haitian Exchange

The Hotel Olaffson was distinctly less magical on the morning of the Day of the Dead. I got up shortly after seven to dress and pack; we had to leave for the airport by eight.  I decided to replenish our … Continue reading

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Graham Greene Slept Here…Me, Not so Much

In the 1960’s, Al Seitz struggled to maintain at least one guest in residence at Port-au-Prince’s Hotel Olaffson to ward off Papa Doc Duvalier from appropriating the most famous watering hole in the Caribbean. That still didn’t curb the Brooklyn … Continue reading

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Return to Haiti

The flight from Boston to Miami was uneventful. I had my usual exit row window seat, 18F.  Next to me was a geeky young blond guy who nodded in greeting before donning headphones for the duration. I boarded the flight … Continue reading

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With Less Aid, a Stronger Haiti will Emerge

This is an article by Tate Watkins that was originally published in The Globe and Mail on September 5, 2013 Earlier this year, Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck released Fatal Assistance, a documentary that eviscerated the international response to the January, 2010, earthquake that struck … Continue reading

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