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Haiti Update

Many readers of The Awkward Pose became followers during my period of working in Haiti.  It has been months since I wrote about Haiti, so here is some news:     1. Mission of Hope school is up and running. … Continue reading

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The Same Moon

Life’s most sublime moments occur when least expected.  It is Thursday night in the construction shanty, my last night this trip.  There is a cosmic electrical dysfunction occurring throughout Grand Goave; for the past twenty-four hours we have had power … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Occasion

One hallmark of Haitian culture is gathering together to mark the start of an event.  A collective pause or prayer precedes daily meals, laborers gather before each work day; and we mark construction milestones with impromptu but elaborate ceremonies.  At … Continue reading

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The Things We Carried

A week or so before I return to Haiti I send a ‘Mule to Haiti’ email to my connections asking what they want me to bring down.  I am allowed one 50 pound bag in coach, a second costs forty … Continue reading

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Twin Construction of Different Fathers

I am spending more time at the Mission of Hope School site this trip to Haiti. The Be Like Brit orphanage is moving along very well; there is so much repetition now the crews need less supervision while some work … Continue reading

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Rainy Season

One aspect of spending time in Haiti every month for a year that particularly appealed to me was the opportunity to witness the country’s full cycle. The seasonal adjustments of a Caribbean nation are minor compared to those of New … Continue reading

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Somewhere along their path of benevolent deeds, Lex and Renee picked up Clara and her two children, Makenlove and Christlove.  I cannot imagine what possessed the single mother to tack ‘love’ on the end of her children’s names, but it … Continue reading

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