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Crosswalks of My Mind

When the city revamped Huron Avenue, they sunk granite curbs level with the pavement to define the crosswalks, an expensive yet elegant bit of urban dressing. On my meditative walks home from the gym, I often find myself tracking the … Continue reading

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What was I Doing in China?

There are moments in life when the essential character of a place reveals itself with such force that it burns into your mind forever. It is not that the place exceeds expectations so much as it meets expectations with overwhelming … Continue reading

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Architecture Grand Goave

The other day I stopped short at the site of this elegant little building, the only one I have seen in Grand Goave that approaches the designation architecture.  I say that because it does what so much good architecture does; … Continue reading

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The Case for Being an Architect

In January the Georgetown University Center of Education and the Workforce reported that students with a Bachelor in Architecture have the highest unemployment rate among all college graduates, 13.9%.  The statistic went viral in architectural circles, recycling the same professional … Continue reading

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