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Fly China

On a short trip to China – I was gone just a week – the proportion of time on a plane is great, but it is as revealing a place to find cultural differences as anywhere. There are no boarding … Continue reading

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US and China – Going Green

The United States is going green, albeit in fits and starts, with modest increases in automobile fuel efficiency, a smattering of wind power, and a shrugging acceptance of electric cars.  Conservation is not a word that falls easily off the … Continue reading

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China in the Rear View Mirror

It is not possible for an American to visit China without contemplating the politics of the place. I am here only a few days, to prepare and present a proposal to design a new hospital in Nanjing. Still I have … Continue reading

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Chinese Laundry

I am a prudent guy; okay frugal. Actually, some people call me cheap, but they are just folks who do not appreciate ascetic satisfactions.  Regardless where I rest near the bottom of the proliferate scale, I am out of my … Continue reading

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What was I Doing in China?

There are moments in life when the essential character of a place reveals itself with such force that it burns into your mind forever. It is not that the place exceeds expectations so much as it meets expectations with overwhelming … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Heights

Everything in Hong Kong is tall and narrow.  Except, of course, the people.  Hong Kong calls itself the vertical city, more people live above the fourteenth floor than below, an odd statistic given that buildings do not have fourteenth floors … Continue reading

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Over the Top

Even after all these years I am a kid on a plane. I clamor for the window seat and poke my face to the window during takeoff and landing.  Every time I am awed by the immensity of our earth; … Continue reading

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