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One Night in Tallahassee

I embrace Universal Basic Income and envision the end of work as we know it “Look at you; look at what you’re doing. You’re engaged, you’re learning, you’re sharing. I think that’s useful. We don’t call it work because you’re … Continue reading

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Liberal Overreach

Liberals have an uncanny talent. They shoot themselves in the foot trying to help the less fortunate; their hearts bleed out of the wound; leaving a blood trail for right-winged vultures to reframe good intention as folly. Such I fear, … Continue reading

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A Soft Landing: Universal Basic Income

This is the seventh in the series, A Soft Landing, which explores how we might achieve a more just, equitable society without violent revolution. The idea of universal basic income is not new; the theory’s been around for decades. Small-scale … Continue reading

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