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A Soft Landing: Universal Service

This is the eighth in the series, A Soft Landing, which explores how we might achieve a more just, equitable society without violent revolution. Americans are quick to claim our rights and we are slow to fulfill our responsibilities. That’s … Continue reading

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Revere’s Ride

I wanted a gift to give my daughter’s Peace Corps host family. I suggested food, maybe chocolate. Abby nixed that idea. She explained via email that chocolate was unknown in her Cambodian village. How about something from Boston, she suggested, … Continue reading

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Chinese Noodle

During a recent trip to Cambodia my daughter and I visited Battambang twice – en route from Abby’s home village of Kra Kor to Siem Reap, and on our return trip. During those two brief stays we ate at Chinese … Continue reading

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Cambodia Today – A Generation After the Killing Fields

Thirty-five years ago, Vietnamese marched into Phnom Penh, liberating Cambodia from the Khmer Rouge, who’d ostensibly liberated the same people a mere four years before. The Khmer Rouge’s short but devastating regime capitalized on the Cambodian people’s reverence for nation … Continue reading

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Cambodia Impressions

I spent two weeks over the Christmas holiday visiting Cambodia and my daughter Abby, who is a Peace Corps Volunteer in a rural village in Pursat Province. After flying 10,000 miles, we traversed only about 200 miles of Cambodia, focusing … Continue reading

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Abby Joins the Peace Corps

Nearly forty years ago, as a Bachelor of Civil Engineering seeking a 180-degree break from academia before pursuing graduate school, I applied to ACTION, the 1970’s-era aggregation of government service efforts that included the Peace Corps, VISTA, and a smattering … Continue reading

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