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Audiobook Orgy Part 3: In Defense of Food

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” These seven words address everything Michael Pollen has to say in defense of food, but seven words does not a book make, and so he continues on for 200 more pages. Mr. Pollen … Continue reading

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Is Obesity a Disease?

The American Medical Association has decided by an overwhelming majority that obesity is a disease.  I wish I could share their certainty. Obesity is a personal and public health hazard, a risk factor for many conditions, and an indicator for … Continue reading

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Pedaling Principles Chapter Seventeen – Entitled to Contribute

I believe in the adage, ‘We get the government we deserve.’  I do not think it applies to everyone in the world; people living under tyrannical dictators have little choice but to endure until seeds of change can sprout, but … Continue reading

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