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Games of August – Measure Your Brow

August is hot and humid and not conducive to deep thought. Any thought, really. So, I’ve decided to find some simple games to play and share. Maybe they will shed some light on our place in the world. Probably not. … Continue reading

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The True Test of Being Passé – Launching my Middle-initialed Website

No one would call me trendy.  Anti-trendy overstates my level of trend awareness. Trend-ignorant is more like it.  All I know is that for the past fifty plus years, when I begin to favor a restaurant, it’s on its way … Continue reading

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Since They Lost Sammy – New York Times 1/26/2014

Yesterday’s New York Times has a long and moving article about a Brooklyn family whose twelve-year-old son Sammy was killed by a truck on the street in front of their house. Since They Lost Sammy The article touches on their … Continue reading

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Where is Our Nation of Laws?

John Adams, the hard-nosed framer of the Massachusetts Constitution, which became the model for the U.S. Constitution, once heralded our achievement as creating a nation of laws rather than a nation of men. He envisioned a republic released from the … Continue reading

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Tim Ferriss and Me

You’ve seen him; the four hour guy.  “The Four Hour Work Week”, “The Four Hour Chef”, “The Four Hour Marriage” (oops, that one hasn’t come out yet).  Tim Ferriss stands in complete wrinkled splendor on this Sunday’s NY Times Travel … Continue reading

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