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The Money Issue

If there’s a shred of doubt in your mind that the United States is in the throes of endgame empire, look no further than The New Yorker June 7, 2021: The Money Issue. Every issue of The New Yorker follows … Continue reading

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The Money: Not for Charity, Not for Profit

I’m happy to report that no sooner did I announce my bicycle adventure than people began positing unexpected responses. Just as I hoped! Many people asked what charity I was raising money for; a few asked whether I was crowd-sourcing … Continue reading

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Pedaling Principles Chapter 14 – New York, Money as the Measure of Empire

One of the ironies of America is that we were founded on lofty principles of man’s right for self-determination and a bevy of personal freedoms, but as soon as the country got rolling, one freedom never explicitly stated took hold … Continue reading

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