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A Member of the One Percent

(No, not that One Percent) There’s a new crop of one-percenter’s in our nation. Not the one percent who hold ninety percent of the wealth. Rather, a distinctly different group. The one percent who hazard to ride on public transportation. … Continue reading

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Jim and Margery and Boston Traffic

‘Boston Public Radio,’ with Jim Braude and Margery Eagan (WGBH weekdays from 11 to 2) features interesting guests and discussion. Except for the call-in segments. That’s when Margery and Jim pick a topic, riff personal rants, and throw open the … Continue reading

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Cyclist Power

I am getting in touch with my inner radical.  I don’t really have the disposition for it, but at this moment, I’m pretty amped about injustices I perceive all around me. I am accustomed to the litany of complaints that … Continue reading

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