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On Time

My object all sublime I shall achieve in time To make the punishment fit the crime The punishment fit the crime. The Mikado, 1885 One-hundred-thirty-six years since an operatic buffoon first pranced the stage bemoaning the consequences society inflicts upon … Continue reading

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Thanks to the Academy…

This Sunday night, the Oscars will be broadcast across America, across the World. The Academy Awards are our cultural State of the Union. The annual pulchritude parade reflects our social and aesthetic coherence—and dissonance—by applauding achievement in that squiggly gap … Continue reading

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Roma Contrarian

First impressions matter. When the camera finally pans up from the luscious opening visual of water on stone, more water on stone, even more water on stone; my imagination stirs at the wondrous places it might lift us up to. … Continue reading

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