Bike Trip Day 35 – Geneva, OH to Conneaut, OH

Start:  Geneva, OH

Finish: Conneaut, OH

Weather:  80 degrees, sunny

Miles:  34

Distance to date: 2,358

At ten this morning I was sitting on a bluff overlooking a beautiful beach on a day that was warming up.  My ride had been glorious, through the most beautiful stretches of the North Coast to date.  It was a chilly 55 degrees at 7:30 am but the sun warmed me as I rode through charming Ashtabula and long stretches of road beside the lake.  I was constantly amazed at how the farms and forests marched right up to the lake, as if surprised it was there.  Houses right on the shore are indifferent to the giant body of water.  They face the road just like all the other

I asked a passing walker if there was a motel in town, she referred me to Lakefront Motel.  I decided it was time to take a short day and stay in Conneaut, so I opened my computer to write before heading over the motel.  The screen was black. Odd, I thought, as I remembered being at full charge.  I went to a café for a snack to see if it needed recharging.  No change.  Realizing a problem, I went to the local library, called Dell Support, and wound up spending five hours on line with support in India while my computer was rebuilt half a continent away.

It was not my idea of how to spend the day, but I got out by 4:30, checked into the charming motel with a lake view, got a refreshing swim in Lake Erie, and had an early dinner of Lake Erie perch, which is very tasty.

Odd as it is to say this, I am getting tired of having to eat so much.  I started the day with a pair of bananas, a power bar and a package of Little Debbie donuts.  For my ‘snack’ I had a cup of chili and tuna
sandwich.  While looking for the Conneaut Library I stopped at a bakery for directions and had an exquisite apple strudel.  While working with the folks from India, I had another power bar.  Then I had my fresh perch for dinner.  That should be plenty of food, but my stomach growled like crazy until around 7:00 pm I found
a convenience store and had a cocoanut popsicle and a package of pecan rolls.  I know I deserve zero empathy for this problem but sometimes refueling is exhausting.

Beach at Conneaut, OH


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1 Response to Bike Trip Day 35 – Geneva, OH to Conneaut, OH

  1. John Mulqueen says:

    I do not sympathize with your need to eat apple strudel, but we can all sympathize with the agony of requiring computer support. A day of great highs and lows.

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