Trip Log – Day 120 – Dupont, WA to Aberdeen, WA

DuPont to AberdeenSeptember 2, 2015 – Sun and rain, 65 degrees

Miles Today: 74

Miles to Date: 6,357

States to Date: 22

Back on the road again! I rolled out of DuPont on a beautiful morning. After a short stint on I-5, I pedaled along tree lined back roads to Olympia where I spent the morning absorbing the sites. I chatted up Zach of Zach’s Window Cleaning while I ate my grocery store breakfast and can vouch for his work. Then I visited the State Capitol. Docent Dave gives one of the best tours I’ve ever attended. He made good fun of the guy in the yellow bike shirt while knowing every detail of the carpet, furnishings, chandeliers and worldwide assortment of marble in the building. On the way out of town I discovered a salmon spawn viewing platform. The salmon will soon swim upstream, and are swarming in apparent excitement. Finally, I stopped by a fruit stand and enjoyed two huge Washington apples.

IMG_3763 IMG_3764 IMG_3765

Fully satisfied, I spent the afternoon pedaling the wide shoulders of Washington 8 and US. 12. I got on local roads for a bit, but the rugged pavement so typical to Washington sent me back to smoother surfaces. A few rain showers kept me cool; then the sun came out and dried me off.

IMG_3766At Montesano I turned south on Washington 107 and cross the Chehalis River. The road glistened from recent rain; the breeze was cool. I noticed several cars turn off on Blue Slough Road and figured it went in my direction, though it wasn’t on Google’s route. My adventurousness was rewarded with five miles of extraordinary cycling. The road was narrow and smooth, the terrain varied, the river picturesque. It’s noteworthy that cycling on narrow roads is often safer than ones with skimpy shoulders. I claim space in the right lane and motorists don’t attempt to pass me against oncoming traffic.


Aberdeen is a dreary town, but I landed a super nice room at the Travelodge, just a few blocks from the phenomenal Taqueria Las Mulitas where I enjoyed an adobada burrito and basket of chips with a large garnish bar for a whopping seven dollars. Eating in abundance is an integral part of touring.

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