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Greetings reader. I am an architect and father from Cambridge, MA. The blog's name, The Awkward Pose, refers a sequence of three yoga positions that increase focus and build leg strength by shifting the body’s center of gravity out from under our feet. The objective is to achieve balance without stability. The blog features entries that address opposing tension in our world, and my attempt to find balance through understanding that opposition. Entries emphasize my personal experience in yoga, my evolving connection with Haiti, and my observations as a citizen of the United States.

The True Test of Being Passé – Launching my Middle-initialed Website

No one would call me trendy.  Anti-trendy overstates my level of trend awareness. Trend-ignorant is more like it.  All I know is that for the past fifty plus years, when I begin to favor a restaurant, it’s on its way … Continue reading

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Amour and Puppy Love

Here is a maxim to live by: Never watch a depressing French film with a puppy. My friend Chuck raved about Amour. It won lots of awards. I decided to set aside my distaste for subtitles and watch it. My … Continue reading

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Which Would You Prefer – Sit Still or Experience a Shock?

This is a reposted blog essay from on of my favorite bloggers: yogibattle. Here is some disturbing news from the Western front: many people can barely tolerate to be alone with themselves. At least those were the findings in a … Continue reading

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Our Shrinking Engineering Legacy

This essay was published in WBUR Cognoscenti on July 2, 2014. I took a walk with a friend through Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Mass., last weekend to enjoy summer’s long days and pleasant weather. Some of the cemetery’s most … Continue reading

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Free Stuff – It’s Moving Season

I am sitting in my study on a warm summer Saturday afternoon.  My third floor tenant is moving out.  I have offered to help, but he’s a big guy, as is his boyfriend, so they’ve got it covered. They load … Continue reading

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Route 6A Brewster

Bicycling to Cape Cod is becoming an annual tradition. This week I rode to Eastham to visit Jan and Mike Golan, pedaled to Falmouth to see my son, and then returned to Cambridge.   Cape Cod Baseball League game each night, … Continue reading

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Tata Hall

Harvard Business School occupies a majestic bend on the Boston side of the Charles River. McKim Mead and White designed the original Georgian campus in the 1920’s, with landscape design by Frederick Law Olmstead. The twelve buildings organized around courtyards … Continue reading

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Long June Days

Memories pile steep this time of year. The sun hangs in the sky for more than fifteen hours. More years rest within the vaults of my mind than will span future horizons. Long June days remind me of Minnie Diver, an … Continue reading

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Wishing me Gone

Cambridge is a great bicycle city. We have more bicycle lanes per square mile than neighboring communities. We have protected cycling lanes, Hubway bike stations, designated parking areas, public repair stations, even a bicycle jug handle in Harvard Square.  I … Continue reading

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Haiti Update

Many readers of The Awkward Pose became followers during my period of working in Haiti.  It has been months since I wrote about Haiti, so here is some news:     1. Mission of Hope school is up and running. … Continue reading

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