My Chakras / My Asanas

awkward_pose_3-001Specific yoga poses draw from, and contribute to, how the seven chakras exist within each of us. In theory, chakras strength and asana strength correlate.  I decided to investigate that in terms of my own practice.

Consider the seven Chakras and their related asanas:



1.         Muladhara – Tailbone / earth / basic needs  – mountain, chair, tree, sitting cross-legged




2.         Swadisthana – Sacrum / water / emotion – seated forward fold, splits, hero, fixed firm




3.         Manipura – Belly / fire – ego – twists





4.         Anahata – Heart / air / selflessness – camel, bridge, wheel, dancer




5.         Vishudda – Throat / ether / communication – shoulder stand, plow, fish




6.         Ajna – Third eye / transcendence / intuition– child’s pose, kapalabhadi breathing




7.         Sahasrara – Crown of head / soul / unity – twisting poses, headstands


If I organize these according to the strengths of my practice, I would order them as follows:

Steady asana: mountain; chair; tree; sitting cross-legged; seated forward fold; hero; fixed firm; camel; bridge; wheel; dancer; shoulder stand; plow; fish; child’s pose; kapalabhadi breath

Wavering asana: splits; twists; headstands

This implies that my basic needs are met, my emotions are often – not always – steady, and my selflessness, communication, and intuition are sound. Meanwhile, my ego is undeveloped and my soul is still seeking its place in this world.  At a first pass, that is a pretty accurate description of the connection between my physical capabilities and mental/emotional condition.

So, are bottled up chakras holding me back from more fully realized poses, or are my physical constraints cramping my poses and restricting my chakras? It’s a chicken and egg thing. It would have been nice if the correlation led to a deeper understanding. But I’m torn. I feel good about energy and poses that align, and frustrated by those that are blocked.

Try it yourself and see where you land.


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Greetings reader. I am an architect and father from Cambridge, MA. The blog's name, The Awkward Pose, refers a sequence of three yoga positions that increase focus and build leg strength by shifting the body’s center of gravity out from under our feet. The objective is to achieve balance without stability. The blog features entries that address opposing tension in our world, and my attempt to find balance through understanding that opposition. Entries emphasize my personal experience in yoga, my evolving connection with Haiti, and my observations as a citizen of the United States.
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    Great post thanks for sharing this

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